Industrial Firesleeve
Aerospace Firesleeve
PJ firesleeve (Industrial)       PJA firesleeve (Aero Grade) 
McMaster-Carr® 8772K Spark-Resistant   McMaster-Carr® 6172THigh Perfrmance (Aero Grade)
   Parker Stratoflex 2650 firesleeve (Aero Grade)     Aeroquip AE102 firesleeve    
   Federal-Mogul BentleyHarris® FyreJacket® (Industrial)   
   Federal-Mogul BentleyHarris® FyreJacket® (Aero Grade)
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Firesleeve Cross-Reference: Industrial, Aviation & Marine
Industrial Firesleeve
Aerospace Firesleeve
High Temperature, Heat, Flame & Fire Resistant Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Sleeve: Firesleeve
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