Firesleeve is a generic flexible silicone rubber coated fiberglass (fibreglass) sleeve.  The base fiberglass sleeve, either knitted or braided from E-Type fiberglass yarns, is then coated with high-temperature silicone rubber.  The base fiberglass substrate will not burn and the silicone rubber coating is self-extinguishing (beware as some 3rd party firesleeve is not self-extinguishing due to impurities in the silicone rubber!).

Firesleeve is also spelled "Fire Sleeve" or "Fire-Sleeve".  Firesleeve is available in sizes from 0.250" / 6mm Inside Diameter (I.D.) through 5.0" / 127mm I.D.  Special small diameter firesleeve, usually used for bare wire protection, is available in sizes from 0.022" ID through 0.234" ID from the Firesleeve and Tape website.  Firesleeve made from a knitted sleeve is usually called Industrial Firesleeve, while firesleeve made from a braided sleeve is called Aviation or Marine Firesleeve. Aviation and Marine firesleeve is made to SAE AS1072 specifications so that hose assemblies can pass the fire testing of AS1055.  We offer an after-hours AOG service: call our main number and leave a message - the on-call specialist will return your call.

Firesleeve is typically manufactured in long lengths of several hundred feet, and is then packaged into 100 foot lengths.  The most common use of firesleeve is to protect hydraulic hoses, wire, cables, tubing and pipe in industrial plants where molten metal is processed, such as a steel or aluminum plant, or in areas of robotic welding where there is weld splatter.  In aviation and marine use, firesleeve is used to protect fuel lines, hydraulic and oil lines from fire; to delay the failure of these critical hoses in case of an engine-compartment or engine-room fire.

We cross reference the following part numbers:

PJ firesleeve (Industrial):                 PJ-04, PJ-06, PJ-08, PJ-10, PJ-12, PJ-14, PJ-16, PJ-18, PJ-20, PJ-22, PJ-24, PJ-26, PJ-28, PJ-30, PJ-32,
                                                        PJ-36, PJ-40, PJ-44, PJ-6, PJ-46, PJ-48, PJ-52, PJ-56, PJ-60, PJ-64, PJ-72, PJ-80

PJA firesleeve (Aero Grade):           PJA-04, PJA-06, PJA-08, PJA-10, PJA-12, PJA-14, PJA-16, PJA-18, PJA-20, PJA-22, PJA-24, PJA-26,
                                                        PJA-28, PJA-30, PJA-32, PJA-36, PJA-40, PJA-42, PJA-44, PJA-46, PJA-48, PJA-52, PJA-56, PJA-60, PJA-64

McMaster-Carr® Spark-Resistant
8772KXX sleeve (knitted):
                8772K51, 8772K52, 8772K54, 8772K56, 8772K58, 8772K11, 8772K61, 8772K63, 8772K65, 8772K12,
                                                        8772K69, 8772K13, 8772K73, 8772K14, 8772K77, 8772K15, 8772K16

McMaster-Carr® High Performance
6172TXX sleeve (Aero Grade):
         6172T11, 6172T12, 6172T13, 6172T14, 6172T15, 6172T16, 6172T17, 6172T18, 6172T19, 6172T21, 6172T22

Parker Stratoflex
2650 firesleeve (Aero Grade):
          2650-6, 2650-8, 2650-9, 2650-10, 2650-12, 2650-14, 2650-16, 2650-18, 2650-20, 2650-22, 2650-24, 2650-26,
                                                        2650-28, 2650-30, 2650-32, 2650-36, 2650-40, 2650-42, 2650-44, 2650-46, 2650-48, 2650-52

Aeroquip AE102 firesleeve:             AE102-4, AE102-6, AE102-8, AE102-10, AE102-12, AE102-14, AE102-16, AE102-18, AE102-20, AE102-22
                                                        AE102-24, AE102-26, AE102-28, AE102-30, AE102-32, AE102-36, AE102-40

Federal-Mogul BentleyHarris®
FyreJacket® (Industrial):
                 4002000610F0050, 4002000810F0050, 4002001010F0050, 4002001110F0050, 4002001310F0050,
                                                        4002001410F0050, 4002001610F0050, 4002001810F0050, 4002001910F0050, 4002002110F0050,
                                                        4002002210F0050, 4002002410F0050, 4002002510F0050, 4002002910F0050, 4002003210F0050,
                                                        4002003510F0050, 4002003810F0050, 4002004110F0050, 4002004510F0050, 4002004810F0050,
                                                        4002005110F0050, 4002005410F0050, 4002005710F0050, 4002006010F0050, 4002006410F0050,
                                                        4002006710F0050, 4002007010F0050, 4002007310F0050, 4002007610F0050, 4002007910F0050,
                                                        4002008310F0050, 4002008910F0050, 4002009510F0050, 4002010210F0050

Federal-Mogul BentleyHarris®
FyreJacket® (Aero Grade):
              4001000610S, 4001000810S, 4001001010S, 4001001110S, 4001001310S, 4001001410S, 4001001610S,
                                                        4001001810S, 4001001910S, 4001002110S, 4001002210S, 4001002410S, 4001002510S, 4001002910S,
                                                        4001003210S, 4001003510S, 4001003810S, 4001004110S, 4001004510S, 4001004810S, 4001005110S,
                                                        4001005410S, 4001005710S, 4001006010S, 4001006410S, 4001006710S, 4001007010S, 4001007310S,
                                                        4001007610S, 4001007910S, 4001008310S, 4001008910S, 4001009510S, 4001010210S

Firesleeve also provides a high degree of insulation value, protecting hot or cold or cryogenic lines, pipes and tubing from heat or cold loss, providing energy savings.  As the outer silicone rubber coating is non air-permeable, it prevents pipe sweating or freezing.  Multiple layers of firesleeve can provide very high R-values.

You can order firesleeve at a discount on-line from American Firesleeve, or over the phone by credit card from Extreme Heat Protection. You can download a catalog of firesleeve and other high temperature, heat and flame resistant and fireproof materials in PDF format.